January 28, 2017

Dining, Entertainment, Retail In Keene, New Hamphire All Under One Roof

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Dining, Entertainment, Retail Keene NH | The Spot Keene

 The Spot Keene is a company that is developing the former Keene Middle School in the heart of Keene, New Hampshire. A portion of the building has a 1000 seat auditorium that will be the venue, the cafeteria will be a 200 seat bar/restaurant,  a nightclub with a VIP section, a smoking lounge, retail stores, entrepreneurial businesses, live/work space, and residential units. The venue will be for live entertainment, such as regional acts, music, comedy, plays, and gaming events. Other various classrooms will be for a lounge with an outdoor deck, cafĂ©/bakery convenience store, pool hall/game room, and the nightclub including DJ entertainment, while the others will be rented out to many entrepreneurial businesses.The business is owned by President Robert Gaskill which has put together a management team of 4 local professionals who have been working in this field for over 10 years each and have the knowledge and drive to make this business a success.

Robert Gaskill is so excited that The Spot has the unique opportunity to provide live entertainment in a 1000 seat auditorium/venue with a 200 seat cafeteria bar/restaurant and a nightclub with a VIP room & smoke lounge as well as having other top notch businesses with residential units in the same building, all under one roof!
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The Spot Keene 17 Washington Street, Keene, NH 03431